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To replace the formulas with the values, copy column A and paste over itself with “Paste Special” → “Values”. Actually there is a Fill command on Excel Ribbon to help you apply formula to an entire column or row quickly. Firstly enter the formula = (A1*3+8)/5 into the Cell C1 (the first cell of column where you will enter the same formula), secondly select the entire Column C, and then click Home > Fill > Down. Determines a pattern in the selection and fill the remaining cells in a Range. FlashFill is a method which is exposed by range object in Excel. CTRL + E is the shortcut key to apply Flash Fill. FillDown copies cells from top to bottom including formatting, formula and text.

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The same thing happens when you use the fill handle to go down. But if you use the fill handle up or to the left, the series fills in backwards. Filling 1 to the left will get you 0, -1, -2, and so on. Using the fill handle to drag August 1st to the left will get you July 31st, July 30th, and so on down … Excel: Fill Right and Fill Down Keyboard Shortcuts There are several ways that Excel can help you with formulas and functions, and a great one is the Fill Down and the Fill Right commands. Essentially, if you’ve gotten the formula correct one time, let Excel do the … 2019-08-17 If the formula already exists in a cell you can fill it down as follows: Select the cell containing the formula and press CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN to select the rest of the column (CTRL+SHIFT+END to select up to the last row where there is data); Fill down by pressing CTRL+D; Use CTRL+UP to return up; On Mac, use CMD instead of CTRL..

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This works (for Excel 360) except when there is a formula. So, if the condition was =2*G3 the conditional formatting will not auto-increment the cell address as you drag the formatting down using the format painter If you download data into Excel from other programs, one key action is to fill blank cells in the Excel worksheet to simplify filtering and sorting of data. 303-699-6868 Dawn@TheSoftwarePro.com I have created several tables in Excel, and on most of them when I insert a new row the formulae of the previous rows populate down to save time.

Excel fill down

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Excel fill down

Excel Fill Down Shortcut Step 1: . Place a cursor on the C3 cell. Step 2: .

Press and hold the Shift key.
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And today I will guide you on making a drop down list in Excel. How to make a drop down list in Excel: First of all open your excel sheet and select the cell on which you wish to create a drop down. In this blog and the coming ones, we will take actions and help you perform some simple actions on Excel with ease. Enter 1 in cell A1 just like you did with the regular method.

This increases the number or date. The same thing happens when you use the fill handle to go down.
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The cell you enter the formula in will show you the letter B. Open Excel and enter the first two values of the series you want to autofill in a row or column. Select both cells and in the floating options bar, tap Fill. You will see the border around the cells change so that there is an arrow pointing left, and one going down.

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Select the action from the drop-down list in the bottom-right corner of the window. If you want to fill the blanks with the value from the cell above, choose the Fill cells downwards option. If you want to copy the content from the cell below, then select Fill cells upwards. Simply select the cell containing the formula you want to fill into adjacent cells and drag the fill handle down the cells in the column or across the cells in the row that you want to fill. The formula is copied to the other cells. Open Excel and enter the first two values of the series you want to autofill in a row or column.

Click Home> Fill, and choose either Down, Right, Up, or Left. Keyboard shortcut:    You can also press Ctrl+D to fill the formula down in a column, or Ctrl+R to fill the formula to the right in a row. Turn workbook calculation on Select the range that you want to fill the blank cells with a specific value.