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Dictionary entry overview: What does inter alia mean? • INTER ALIA (adverb) The adverb INTER ALIA has 1 sense: 1. among other things Familiarity information: INTER ALIA used as an adverb is very rare. It governs, inter alia, capacity to marry, the legitimacy of children, and succession after death to moveable property and it is one of the tests of the validity of a Will.

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Nov 30, 2015 group companies) against, inter alia, Cadiz, Cadiz group companies and others as detailed in the SENS announcement released by Hudaco  Dec 9, 2011 information on Phase II of the Third Empowerment Transaction (“the. Circular”) which includes, inter alia, a notice of general meeting and a form  Stressing the importance of the special session for preventing and combating corruption and strengthening international cooperation for that purpose by, inter alia,  Inter alia - vezi definitia si expresiile asociate. Dictionar online juridic Rubinian, dictionar de afaceri, economic, marketing, resurse umane. Sep 8, 2020 Shareholders are referred to the announcement issued on Friday, 21 August 2020 advising shareholders, inter alia, of the date and time of the  Cherchez des exemples de traductions inter dans des phrases, écoutez à la en ce qui concerne le choix de leurs fonctionnaires et agents, voir, inter alia, arrêt comme étant « exigés », au sens et pour l'application de la directive EIPP, et,  People at Work, 20 August 1994, as amended by Dir 2014/27/EU, March 5, 2014 (Based on Table 3 of Annex VI to CLP, inter alia) STOT RE 2; Skin Sens. 1.

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a phrase meaning among other things. Examples of Inter alia in a sentence. The teacher wore many hats including counselor and nurse, inter alia. 🔊 Clint had to, inter alia, sweep and mop the floors during his busy workday.

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Inter Alia is a not-for-profit private organization with main objectives: Note: You can also use Not Exists() to determine if a field value has not been loaded, but caution is recommended if you use Not Exists() in a where clause. The Exists() function tests both previously loaded tables and previously loaded values in the current table. Check 'inter' translations into English. Look through examples of inter translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Such regulations addressed, inter alia, decision-making by officials on matters in which they have an interest, outside activities and the employment of close family members. unodc.org Ces règlements concernai en t notamment l a pri se de dé cisions par des personnes ayant un intérêt dans l'affaire en question, les activités en dehors de l'organisme et l'emploi de membres de la famille Inter alia definition, among other things. See more.

skall hänsyn tas till – förutom hestii. which in comments to the research study dated 8 February 1993 (POL 40/01/93) stated inter alia: "The (report notes that research teams spend an increasing  intangible cultural heritage belonging, inter alia, to one or more specific 4 Stiftelsens styrelse skall besta av minst 9 ledamoter med personliga ersattare.
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Proceedings in series with papers presented at the 1st International Conference of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers, Rimske inter alia meaning.

Based on ILEC inter alia (adv.) 1. among other things "the committee recommended, inter alia, that he be promoted" Inter Alia is a publications series of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers containing proceedings from conferences organised by the Association. The first and second issues of Inter Alia are available here . Proceedings in series with papers presented at the 1st International Conference of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers, Rimske inter alia meaning.
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their influence by casting votes on central issues, inter alia, adopting the profit the Board of Directors pursuant to ABL 18:4 · Styrelsens motiverade yttrande i  Utan hinder av bestämmelse i annan författning åtnjuta följande inter.

maligna organ. nerv. et sens., susp. 4552, 793,12, Observ.